My Love - Relationship Counter App Reviews

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This app is really cool

My love

I really like this app call my love because it tells u when u make a month with ur boyfriend so its really use for

I love this!


I love it! Super cute & helpful when you forget :P

Love this app

Great app to keep track of your anniversaries, easy to use and never miss important milestones


Its a decent app for free. No complaints really. Cool. Great. Wow. Neat.

my boo

this app is amazing because remain your special days even if your soul dont know how you remain the dates special

Love it

I never knew there was an app especially for this. I love this app

Great app

It keeps track of my dates for me and keeps me out of trouble love it

Love it

Gives me everything I need to know about my relationship length from years to months to days hours and seconds

Whats the deal????

This app aint doing good for me at all. It keeps acting like its gonna update, but it dont. Ive tried to delete it, but it wont do that either. I even reset my phone and it still does the same thing.


I like it and it work really well thank you !!!!! Perfect apps


Love it... After being apart for 32 years its nice to know how long weve been back together even though it still feels like high school

Great App

Simple and easy

Great love it

Its a fun app and it helps keep count of how many days me and my bf have been together


I love using this.

Lovely app

This app is really cool, it gives reminders when you hit that special date for each month

So great

This app is truly great for relationships. It makes me happy seeing how long were been together and reminds you of this special moments. Download!!!


Convenient. The little reminders are nice, but I wish I could customize the page more. If I could put a picture of he and I on the app that would be awesome, or if I could save memories, thatd be cool.

perfect! ❤️

okayy.. so i recently got into a relationship and usually i put the date in my calendar so i wont forget (i never forget tho. lol) but instead on of my friends told me about this app and Im like "okay, Ill take a look at it" i instantly fell in love with this app! its simple, but perfect!

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